Adventure Cornwall

Vision Workshop with Nadia Meli

Cornwall. I always wanted to go there. And no matter what – one day I’ll be back! That’s for sure. You might think this adventure was about vacation and relaxing, it has been quite the opposite. It wasn’t about Cornwall because of this area itself. …this journey was meant to be the beginning of something…

I’m fully self-employed since more than two years now. Wohooo! I do weddings since nine years. And I am very good in doing that. Period.

The advertising slogan of a german bank named it: ‘Everybody has something that gets them going.’

Up to now I thought it’s the pure love between people that fascinates me, so that I can’t do anything else but capture it. Maybe it’s part of what keeps me going. In fact it is still fascinating for me.

And it’s so obvious. What else should I have thought of being my drive but this!?

To be really honest with you, when I booked the Vision Workshop with Nadia I wasn’t exactly aware of what this journey to Cornwall would turn out to be. As I said, I always wanted to visit Cornwall. And I like Nadia. I wanted to take action to bring my photography to the next level und as well my business. Maybe I was just curious. Lighthearted. Impulsive.

So it came that I was sitting somewhere in Hongkong, right in the middle of another adventure in a Starbucks café, booking this workshop… And without presenting the end beforehand I can tell you when I came back home from this trip I felt like I was remote-controlled. Drunken from two and a half days loaded with so many emotions. Completely overwhelmed from so much life in one place. From so much ME.

I met four complete strangers, who are on a similar journey. Who decided to dive deep into it, open up, although we couldn’t be more different. Whose stories touched me so deeply.
We had conversations that took until late after midnight. And we did not just scratch the surface but we did listen very carefully to ourselfs and to each other. And so did amazing Nadia. And we not just listened but made ourselves vulnerable. And by doing that we paved the way for ourselves. To start a journey to find the WHY behind.

Because – and you might have had this thought – unfortunately it’s not as simple as it might seem at first sight. For a long time I wasn’t aware neither. But the only thing that really differentiates me and my work from all these other crazy talented photographers out there, …is me. My story. My decisions. My values and the things that gets me going.
To find out exactly this and what it means to me is so incredibly exciting! It feels so right. So important. So overdue.

My personal journey to finding my why has just started with Nadia’s Vision Workshop. I have all packed up, sitting in this airplane. I might have a rough guess where it will take me. Definitely in the direction of more exciting adventures!!

Nadia, you do what you do because you’ve already found what keeps you going, this inner voice. Despite that or actually because of it: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You are an inspiration for me! <3

Eddi – you lovely soul. Silent, sarcastic, an exceptionally gifted cook. I give you a hug. Or two!

Girls, Carmen – Hanna – Diana – Samira. I have to think of a Munich ‘house of pleasure’ with this sentence but still: We came as strangers and left as friends! I know it feels lofty but I really mean it. I feel enriched from each of you. I honestly thank you for your openness, for your tears, most and foremost for your energy and your love of life, for your irony and dirty jokes, for your honesty and health tips.

You all will ever hold a piece of my heart!!

*Love, Kitty

PS: Of course – we did have a couple shoot!!! The super sweet lovebirds Julia & Ben will be on the blog very soon! So many thanks to the two of them, they made it very easy-going for me <3

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