Anniversary Couple Shoot Hongkong

It seems that mankind has gone through tough times for ages. It has never been easy. There was always fear that  led to anger. Led to hate. Led to grief.

But it’s another story to read that in a history book, to speak about it with your teacher and to decide that you are or will be part of that generation who changes the world. The generation who tolerates, who is open-minded, who is free and will free the underdogs.

And here we are. War, prosecution, suppression, violence, hate – almost everywhere you look.

And this insensible feeling of being powerless. The feeling that you can’t do anything but standing here, in the rain, with no umbrella, trying not to get wet. Trying to believe in the good. Trying to raise your kids the way you always wanted your generation to be: tolerant, peaceful, open-hearted.

I myself decided not to get wet. Back then and again today. My duty is to show the beauty of this world. Maybe my purpose. I won’t let the fear into my heart. I won’t give hate a chance. And I obligate myself to show the love that is all around us. Love between people. Love that hopefully conquers the world – one day.

* * *

Life sometimes opens you a door to one-of-a-kind adventures, you only have to be brave enough to knock.

I met lovely Carmen and Sanford in Hongkong for their Anniversary Couple Shoot and it was the best and most exciting Kick Off to this travel adventure I could ever imagine. Carmen herself is a blogger and we got to know each other via Instagram – heck yeah! And when we met in person, at least to me it felt like we know each other for a long time and just haven’t seen… Made to find each other!

Thank you Carmen & Sanford for your blind trust in me and for your love! I’m looking forward to the day you travel Europe and we’ll meet again!

All my Love*

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