Appreciation & Self-love


When I started with photography – back then when I was a child, with an analogue camera and a 24-pic-filmroll – I think that was mainly because my Dad did it. Most times during vacation. Or on Christmas. These pics were little treasures for me. Even when they were blurry. Or underexposed.

Relationship status:
committed to inner peace, expansion, gratitude + self love.

I still keep prints of my graduation trip and still look through them from time to time… (amused and shocked at the same time :D)
I did it because I’ve been excited to wait for the results and to see whether and how they came out. I did it because I was fascinated about something so much that I wanted to keep it. Keep it in my memories and within myself. As would this moment fade away forever if I wouldn’t. I captured landscapes. Flowers. Castles. Stones. Churches.

My parents once took us kids during vacation to the Rhein-Falls (near Schaffhausen, Switzerland). I can tell you it’s very impressive! It is one of the three biggest waterfalls in Europe.

Funny enough it’s not the pictures I took there that keeps my memory alive. But the situation itself. I still can hear the water masses running by. I still feel the smooth water drops on my face. I still remember the belly top I was wearing and the Marlene Dietrich trouser I felt so comfortable in. And I still know how much effort I put into my hairdo and that I felt so attractive. Well I was sweet 14…

So what is it about this photo-taking-thing? Is it about freezing memories?
Maybe. Sometimes.

Until middle of last year I thought this would be my impulse. My get-me-out-of-bed-thing. To keep moments. Freezing it to make it possible to come back to this place whenever you want. Be happy again. Or sad. To experience again. To feel again.
Well I’m pretty sure this is what photography does. Although we have kind of a photograph-overload these days compared to then.

But I realized for myself that this is not the reason that mainly drives me. It’s not what I originally want for me and my work. It should not be ‚simply’ about capturing a memory. Not for me and not for my clients.
I found out that my photography is all about acceptance. About appreciation. About respect. Peace. My own peace and the peace my couples will find with themselves. It is about self-love. And self-esteem.

Once we’re able to discover ourselves and our love to this other human being in a photograph we are able to feel and find ourselves. To accept who we are. Where we belong or where we want to be and go. Who we want to be.
I feel like I am constantly on a hunt -searching- for real life, for true love, for pure expression of feelings. Without filters.

To recognize that was like a journey to myself.
And here I am.


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