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Munich, Germany

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A little step further…


…and our journey could start from here.

Professional photography seems to be a service.
From photographer to client.

And my photography is a lot more than that:

It’s my heart and soul into your story. Into the pictures we create.
It’s my passion and my craft to make your love visible.
To give you a voice. To capture life and it’s beauty.
To express your very own way of living and make you appreciate yourself.
It’s my art.
From a free mind to new friends.

Should we?

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It was one of these special feelings. When you meet people the first time and you immediately can relate. You laugh together. You're curious about the person in front of you. Talking is easy as breathing.... When I first met Anna & Phil via skype it was exactly like that. And secretly I kept my...


It's always like that: when you create most of the content you don't have an eye on publishing it... I promise to get better at this next year!! So for those who have been here before you might have noticed... it's all new - new website, new blog, new ME on the web. Well, actually...

Who needs photography?

Who needs photography!? I mean, really. I did think a lot about this recently. Photography. It’s absolutely not essential to survival. You might agree on that. It does not solve the big problems of mankind. It’s a luxury good. It’s kind of zeitgeist. It’s communication. It’s soulfood. It’s the everlasting pursuit of humans to stand...


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