Couple shoot in Berlin

My lovely beloved Blog!! I’m full of shame that I neglected you in the past months… Please forgive me! And be sure, I’ve missed you too!! But be prepared – there is a lot of material you have to handle in the near future! 

For instance Franzi & Philip: I met this cute couple beginning of 2016 in my beloved Berlin for a couple shoot.

I remember as if it was yesterday which song I turned on before Franzi and Philip arrived at our meeting point. Shakira ‘Try everything’ – And even when I heard this song the very first time I was absolutely sure that this is going to be my hymn for this year.

Do not give up, don’t give in, even if you’re making mistakes, always stand up again – always learning, getting better and better, believe in yourself. Maybe this is going to be my personal mantra for the rest of my life!

But let’s get back to Franzi and Philip! Such a charming and straightforward kind of couple – exactly my kind of taste 😉
So enough words. Come and join me for a quick memory ride to my beloved hometown Berlin and enjoy the love of this two lovebirds <3

Love* Kitty

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