Couple Shoot in Malaga, Spain

It’s always like that: when you create most of the content you don’t have an eye on publishing it… I promise to get better at this next year!!

So for those who have been here before you might have noticed… it’s all new – new website, new blog, new ME on the web. Well, actually I didn’t have changed so much but after all that has happened this year to me, I strongly felt that I had to change my face on the net. So, tadaaaa!! Here it is.

I was working hard on finding my purpose in photography this year. I thought it would be the same as with most colleagues – making memories touchable for my lovely clients. Making love visible. But I always felt that there is so much more to it. That there’s a lot more ME in my photography. And that there’s a lot more I have to give and to share.

And it was a mild summer evening when it finally came to me, like a flush of water over my head. Like a punch in my face. It hit me that in the first moment I was like boom! It has been there all the time and suddenly I was able to find the right words to express it. I felt like dancing and crying at the same time. Dancing because I was so relieved. Crying because it meant to take the next steps now. Scaring steps…

I want to give people a voice. Let them appreciate themselves. Give them a chance to express their very own way of living.

But days and weeks after I realized my achievement everything felt so natural, suddenly so true. And I felt more like me. Like nothing could stop me. I felt enough. And I was in peace with myself. And with my work.

To give you proof of this let me (finally) show you the pictures I took from lovely Noelia and Jorge in Malaga. Such a cute and lovely couple!! I immediately fell in love with them, their ease and the fun they had. With their love and #thespanishlifestyle…

See yourself and let me know in the comments what you feel!


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