DIY on your wedding day


It must have been late at night when we were heading back home from the wedding venue because I remember this tired and exhausted feeling and the darkness surrounding us. Almost everything had been placed: the wallhangings, the tableware. Place and menu cards, candleholders, guest gifts and books. Flowers would be brought later but that was the only thing missing. It was the night before our civil wedding and two days before the churchly ceremony and party… In August, almost 12 years ago.

Did you mention the mistake!?
Yes, I felt kind of burnt out. Finally this big day arrived. The day I so longed for, felt so much anticipation and excitement about. It was close. But instead of feeling love and beloved and happy, my mind kept spinning around questions like: ‘Did I/we miss something? – Am I still in love with the design of everything? – Will they love it?’

So stupid.
I literally spend hours and weekends to create stationary myself – I was cutting and pasting and embossing paper like crazy. I bought candles and ribbons and fabrics.
I wanted to create my dream wedding design, all and everything balanced and matching…

Creatives tend to be creative at multiple crafts. But be careful: preassigned overload!

Well I guess this is the reality of being a creative.
I’m not sure whether it has been easier or worse back then – without being influenced by Pinterest mood boards and wedding blogs. But also without having the variety of creative offerings…
Being a creative soul getting married has a lot to do with self-expression and individual fulfillment. You want to proof yourself right. Proof, that you’re able to create something beautiful not only for others but for this special occasion only for yourself.

D I Y. Do-it-yourself.

That is a gift and at the same time it is a curse.
With an eye on the budget and the certainty about our abilities we are going to create something for our wedding day that will never be perfect enough and will drive you crazy.

I so feel you!! So here’s my complaisant advice I’ve had a hard time to learn:
DO what you are passioned about. CREATE something beautiful for your wedding day.
But don’t forget the following:

  • Perfection is an illusion! Find the concept, idea, draft that you’ll love (and your fiancé as well) and stick to it. Always remember that your gut feeling has been good about it once, so: stick to it!
  • Although you might be a professional or an enthusiast about your craft – you don’t necessarily have to  execute the entire process. Make your design, your ‘masterpiece’ and let other (professionals) do the implementation. The work.
    Because let’s face it: You might be a florist or even be passioned about flowers. It’s one thing to create ONE table center piece for the reception. And it’s a whole different thing to have your mom (or -Heaven forbid!- you yourself) arrange ten of it, including the matching bridal bouquet on your wedding day. So why not creating a sample and giving away the realization of the entire job.
  • Creatives tend to be creative at multiple crafts. I pretty much know. But be careful: preassigned overload! Concentrate on your most favorite craft and order the rest!
  • Fun rules!! Keep that always in mind, because being stressed out by DIY pieces additionally to the ‘normal’ wedding planning process is poison. I.e. you can calm down and kind of meditate while knotting a macramé wall hanging!? Then do it (be early with ordering rope and designing). Otherwise if you would have to learn first and would have to do some trials maybe it’s not appropriate to start with a macramé ceremony backdrop…

Don’t let your ambition become between you, your passion and your wedding day! ♥
Let me know in the comments: did/do you struggle with DIY pieces for your wedding day? What kind of craft is your favorite and you want to create something with it for the wedding at all costs!?

Thanks anyway for stopping by and stay tuned for the next #deardiary post – it will be about a vision and how it turned out in real life (…even better ;D)


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