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In the last issue of The Wedding Cookbook I gave you my view of the ‘Getting Ready‘ on your wedding day. Usually what’s next is the official part of this day: the ceremony. But how would it be if you would have a small part in between!?


I know, I know. The little girls dream: the bride walks packed with love and excitement, on the arm of a very beloved person (mostly the father of the bride), down the aisle and the groom awaits, now all in tears (well tears of joy!), his bride!

This little moment is, in a positive sense, so full of emotions: strain and salvation. Love, happiness, expectation, anticipation. For the very first time you see each other as bride and groom. And soon you’ll finally be husband and wife. I mean, how much more emotions can exist in a single moment!?

So how about sharing this tiny piece of your story just with yourselves and not with 60-200 pairs of eyes!? How about, breathing in this time and fully enjoy it and not letting it pass by a blink of an eye!?

First Look means exactly this and here is how. Before leaving for your ceremony you’ll meet at a lovely place. All alone. (erm, your photographer should be with you… 😉 ) You can gaze at each other, be as close and you can share the happiness of this very moment. And you’ve only got this for you alone.

Plan about 15-20 min in a place with open shade, surrounded by neutral colors (like stone and earth tones are best). After this short time it’s still possible to enter the ceremony one after another. And be sure, although you’ve already seen each other, the very moment in front of the altar will be anyway intense and impressive!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Do you plan to have the First Look on your wedding day? Do you have any doubts?


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