Looking retrospectively at 2017 I created a little list – with people who caught me last year. People who inspired me. Whose stories fascinated me in a way.
        Surprisingly and without any purpose I found only women on this special list… #girlpower

        One of these amazing was and still is Deniz. Probably she would never say this about herself – as most of us wouldn’t, right!? But still she caught me with her power and strength. And with her will and her courage.
        Deniz is a hair stylist. A hairdresser. Sounds profane, I know.
        What I absolutely admire is that she – while having two lovely kids – went to master school in parallel to her full-time job and managed to have her degree after a tough year full of deprivation.  Hats off! For this who don’t know: In this kind of craft it’s basic requirement to have a master degree before building your own business.

        Right after it she took all her courage, financial resources, a lot of passion and countless hours to build up her own hairdresser’s shop. In a city where you’ll find hairdressers literally everywhere…

        Meanwhile her shop has been open now for more than half a year and she employs two more girls.

        The other day when I was at the swimming baths a lady approached me and asked where I usually get my hair dressed… She had witnessed me for a while and liked the cut so much… (and I mean, let’s face it, you know how awful you look when just finished 1km swimming and get your hair dried afterwards… 😉 )
        Today this Lady will have her appointment at Deniz Hairdesign!

        I am absolutely in love with women who do their thing. Who dream and make some of them come true. Not, because it’s so easy. Not because it comes without fear and risk.
        But because they want to do it and have teeth to make it through to the end.

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