Julia & Ben – Couple Shoot in Cornwall


Last time I already told you about the super intense experience I made at the Vision Workshop hosted by Nadia Meli in Cornwall. Since then my brain is running, all the time, day and nicht and sometimes it stops, totally exhausted, leaning against a lamppost… and slowly, slowly it dawns on me! 

But before telling you more about my very personal journey finding my WHY!?, I’ll show the pics we have made during our little couple shoot session.

Julia and Ben made it indeed very easy for me – they were/are newly engaged and really can’t let their eyes and hands off of each other and in fact I couldn’t wish for more than exactly that: a couple, madly in love, full of respect and admiration for each other. Free to love. A couple who says YES to life. Who feels enough themselves. And a couple that is not too shy to show their love, with their eyes, with impulsive touches and with so much heart.

Wohoo… give me more of this, please!!!

And this is why I’m not really surprised that I was able to capture such intimate moments although we had this tough time limits… that’s a gift, indeed!

Soooo be prepared, to see the full nine yards of these two cuties! How do you like it!???

Love* Kitty

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