How I see you...

What you will get to read in a second I did carry in my notebook since 10 months and for so much longer in my heart. I was thinking about publishing it, but not really… Until end of last year a very lovely heart asked me about it… And you know how the story goes – sometimes the bravest heart needs a little hint.
Everyone of us is trying to surround oneself with people who inspire, creating this comfortable feeling, give us wings in a way and make us being the best version of ourselves. This, somehow, is ‘Kate’ for me as a photographer.

And hey – I’m not a dreamer! Some of you will read it but not recognise it, at best will find it a bit lofty. Some of you might find parts of me in it.
And some of you will feel understood and kind of arrived. For those it is meant…

Dear Kate,

since I began to photograph (let’s say in a professional way) I am looking for you. In the beginning I wasn’t even aware of searching. Maybe because I didn’t really find me myself. Finding you, feels like arriving finally at myself – does that make sense? I feel so comfortable with you. Understood. Embraced.

You are smart and educated and you know how to use that for yourself and others. Life is good to you, but you are not above working hard to reach your goals and overcome tough times.

You are independent – a free mind. You don’t give too much about what others might think of you. Quite the contrary: you have your feed on the ground and walk your own way. and you have your own kind of doing things. Because you are able to free yourself from supposed requirements of the society. That being sad – you’re not insensitive or arrogant doing that 😉 Just self confident and strong.

You are brave and dauntless. Loud and straight. But you also know the silent tones, you are sensitive in your own way, unassuming and willing to compromise.

You are a City-Girl and – maybe because of that – you always find the beauty in the little things too.

A little bit you are like the ocean – powerful and full of roar. Nevertheless it gives you peace and silence and inner balance.

You deeply enjoy the smell after a mid-summer storm as well as the foggy morning silence in autumn

You are madly in love with flowers and have a knack for keeping them alive.
Over time you’ve developed some ambition for cooking – it’s fascinating what you create out of quite simple ingredients

You easily fall in love with words that have a deeper meaning, no matter if it is a song, a poem or a story you read. Simply because you like the idea that these words meant a lot to somebody.
This might be one of the reasons why you don’t like common phrases from people who have nothing to tell really.

You are able to stand the silence. You are enough yourself.

You won’t let others categorize you – you always want to be kind of revolutionary.

You are so very curious about the world and life in general – foreign countries and cultures always get you and you are passioned about exploring and traveling. Always with an open heart and mind.

And you stay awake for life’s challenges. Not enough: you find new challenges yourself. You’re a tumbler. Even if you fail or doubt, you don’t hesitate for too long and start over again.

Success is not a one dimensional thing for you. You did understand, that you sometimes have to stand back and grow with the success of others.

You can laugh, laugh, laugh – sometimes until you cry and it is truly contagious.

You are one of this good humans and your beauty shines directly out of your soul.

I’m so looking forward to meet you (again), hug you and tell your story.

Cheers dear,
*Love, Kitty

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