Katharina & Bastian

Loveshoot at sunrise

Valentines Day is about to come! Puhh! If you would believe for me as a wedding photographer this must be holy bank holiday!? So wrong! Ask me and I would tell you that this day when men get a guilty conscience if they don’t come home with a bunch of overpriced and ugly tied red roses… not needed.

My hackles raise when I come across those shop windows with hearty balloons that scream at me that the ‘Day of Love’ is about to come closer.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that everyday has to be a day of love. And for some topics it’s really useful to have an internationally named day. ‘International Refugees Day’ for instance, I appreciate that very much (June, 20th 2017). Or International Day of Alphabetisation (September, 8th 2017). There simply are too many things in our western world we take for granted and forget that others still have to fight for. Education. Freedom. Peace.

Traditions back and forth – me personally I enjoy it more to get a lovely bouquet on any other day of the year (Micha, in case you read this 😉 ). Because this token gesture does really mean something. Because it comes directly from the heart and was not taken because anybody said so. Because my love was simply thinking about me, without being reminded on every corner to show his love to me through a flower.

Let’s be revolutionary 😉 I’m pretty sure the florist of your choice is happy too when he/she can create a wonderful bouquet for you in April or September that not necessarily have to include red roses…

And TODAY we celebrate the love, once more – with the pics of Katharina and Bastian – these two lovely souls, who dared to be in front of my lense at sunrise despite the bone-chilling cold on that day. And they were rewarded, with a little timeout and with a sunrise to kneel down ♥

*all my love, Kitty

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