I am where I want to be


If you would have asked me 20 years ago what I will do for a living, I would probably NOT have answered with being a photographer. And this, again, shows that for certain things in life you simply have to grow. And that it’s worth it to rely on your gut feelings and be conscious about changing directions at crossroads in your life.

I’m actually lucky enough to belong to this group of people who are able to say about themselves: I am where I want to be.

Because it feels so right and ful filling to do exactly this: look into human souls, learn their stories, join them on their journey, express their way of living with my art and make them appreciate themselves.

That's me

A Berlin Girl | open | curious | my heart on my sleeve | critical | flexible | true-to-myself | funny | consistent | creative | brave | mommy-of-two | a maker | authentic | visual mind | love-my-life | capricorn | impatient | sometimes giggly | dancing queen | hearty | …just ME!

Things I love

Autumn | pit marks of my kids | first ice cream of the year | hydrangea | cheese | contrasts | create things myself | browse through old photo boxes | cooking for and with friends | gardening | weddings | my hubby, because he is my best friend too | popcorn in cinema | Disney-movies

Things I leave

New Year’s resolutions | mashed
potatoes from a bag | giving in | kissing
in the morning without tooth brushing |
parking in disabled parking spaces
| throw away books | sleeping with socks |
be angry about the weather

  • It’s not important to be better than others.
    It’s important to be better than you have been yesterday!

  • Be bold.

    Be brave.

    Be you.

#quickcontact - GET IN TOUCH

I’m in love with…


…love and with couples
who celebrate their weddings with self-confidence and grace.
Celebrate it the way that fits their personalities,
not the way others told them to do.

Oh, is that you!?
Then send some love,
make me curious and don’t forget:
I’m available for travel…

I can’t wait to meet you!



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