We run. And time runs with us. Or it runs ahead. It sometimes feels like it never has been so hard to stay true to who we are. And it feels like at the same time we are desperately and constantly searching for our own way to show who we are. Does that make sense?

        Just be yourself. 
        Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful and magical person you are.

        The world has become transparent. And within reach for each of us. If you only want you can connect all over the planet. Read, hear and follow the stories of so many different people.

        At least to me this feels so inspiring and motivating. And at the same time it is overwhelming and demanding. Because you see THEM do whatever they do. Doing it THEIR way. Asking yourself what is MY way? Who am I?

        I think it takes some experience of life to get to know who you are and – even more important – stick to it. Stick to your values, to your principles. Love and accept yourself no matter what other people do or say. And then go out, celebrate life, be kind with yourself and share this self-love.

        By doing this everyone would stand out from a crowd as an individual. And all of a sudden time is passing by a little more slowly and we begin to breathe and enjoy and live. And stop running. For a moment.

        I’m so glad that that Angie took the chance to get herself some portraits. Just for the sake of it. Because she loves herself as she is. Because she is thankful for the life she is living. Because she wanted to stop running for a tiny bit and just embrace time.

        Thank you Angie for being so positively and grateful and beautiful – inside and out.


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