Nicola & Felix

Loveshoot in Berlin

Call me late, but I’m really not that kind running immediately after every new trend that pops around the corner: wehen Nicola & Felix welcomed me in Nicola’s appartement in Berlin I drank Chai Tea for the first time in my life. Self made. Super delicious.

By the way: Nicola, you have to share your receipt with me, do you!? 😉

And as we sat there, drinking tea, it felt like we know each other for years but just haven’t seen in a while.

We spoke about Nicola’s journey to India she just came back from and she learned so much about herself there.
Maybe it’s kind of an Indian thing. I got the feeling that you don’t have to practice yoga or meditation there, just like Nicola did, to find yourself. Your inner piece. At least this is what I witnessed myself when I traveled India a long time ago but have been there for totally different reasons.

And they told me about their long-distance relationship their young love has to bear and what makes their rare time together so very special and intense.

And we’ve listened to the music Felix as a DJ is bringing to dance loving people on weekends. And with all that we almost forget about the time and especially the light…

Nicola and Felix, I still get goose bumps looking at the pics that show your love – you’ve welcomed me so open hearted and you’ve gifted me with so much trust, immediately. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this precious time ♥ #couplesilove

*Love, Kitty

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