Anna & Phil - Outdoor festival wedding in Munich

It was one of these special feelings. When you meet people the first time and you immediately can relate. You laugh together. You’re curious about the person in front of you. Talking is easy as breathing….

When I first met Anna & Phil via skype it was exactly like that. And secretly I kept my fingers crossed that these two beautiful souls would feel the same and book me for their festival wedding.

And so they did. Hooray!!

When I entered Anna’s hotel room where she got ready for the wedding with her bridesmaids it was like meeting a friend I’ve never seen in a long time. It felt so right to be with her and the girls. I felt so welcome and embraced (well, literally). And all the same with Phil.

And so their wedding turned out to be one of my highlights in season 2017. It was a heartwarming summer festival with an oh so emotional free ceremony, with an eye-candy wedding design and planning (by lovely Fabienne), with such lovely guest and a madly-in-love bridal couple who still has a place in my heart.

Anna & Phil, thanks from the bottom of my heart for having me be part of this special day and see you (hopefully) soon ♥


Planning & Design: Glückskonzepte
Florals: Petra Müller Blumen
Hair & Make-up: Laura Stadler
Venue: Das Bamberger Haus

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