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Wedding vision meets reality

It was an adventure. Almost material for an independent road movie. This story has many facets. Funny, emotional and educational. I want to tell you today the part of the story that will help you get a little more zen about your wedding concept. The part in which it is about how an idea, a...


What you will get to read in a second I did carry in my notebook since 10 months and for so much longer in my heart. I was thinking about publishing it, but not really… Until end of last year a very lovely heart asked me about it… And you know how the story goes –...

Adventure Cornwall

Cornwall. I always wanted to go there. And no matter what – one day I’ll be back! That’s for sure. You might think this adventure was about vacation and relaxing, it has been quite the opposite. It wasn’t about Cornwall because of this area itself. …this journey was meant to be the beginning of something… I’m...

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