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I’m beyond thankful that wedding photography has changed to the better in the last 10 years. At our own wedding back than we’ve been more than glad just about finding a photographer who served us with digital files not only selling prints to us. We couldn’t even imagined that she would cover more of of our wedding day then just family and bridal portraits.

To cover a full wedding day with the camera is like telling short stories – at least this is how it feels like for me. And although the overall agenda is every time the same, every single wedding story is so different. Just like every bridal couple is so different.

Some of their stories begin right away with an effortless get-together of the closest family and friends on the day/evening before the wedding day. Often the guest arrive from far away and they haven’t seen each other in a long time. And this intimate setting gives room and space to exchange latest news and just be together in a familiar atmosphere.

If you would ask me what is an absolute must-have in every wedding-day-photo-coverage and what feels like the ultimate start into YOUR big day is the


Bride and groom’s preparing for their ceremony and this wonderful day. What does make this time of day so special? It’s this tension in the air. You can feel it. Everything you’ve dreamed about in the last months is here and now. So much emotion in that tiny place: anticipation, ultimate happiness, excitement, passion, maybe a little bit of a scary feeling, respect for this milestone in your life and so much love.

To have this time of day as relaxed as it can be and to have the most beautiful pictures that reflect the genuine atmosphere find some of my tips for your Getting ready. Most probably you will spend your wedding night in a hotel room. Even if you don’t have a get together with your beloved ones the night before the ceremony you anyway should consider to spend that night in your hotel room: You don’t have to take care of anything, beds are made for you, you don’t have to cook for anybody. That feels most relaxing and takes so much pressure from your shoulders. Believe me! If you want to get ready apart from each other one of you could occupy the room of your best man (so obviously in most cases it will be the groom to change rooms 😉 )Ambient and natural light is the most beautiful so your photographer and your stylist would be more than thankful if your room would be airy and light and with enough space to move in front of a window.

  • In most cases getting ready rooms seems like there have been thunderstorms: boxes, cases, bags, brushes, bra’s and what else girls need all over the place (erm… you know what, groom’s rooms look exact the same, just different stuff 😉 ). To avoid the chaos in your wedding photos please nevertheless take care of your room (or beg someone to have a look after it). Put everything disturbing in the bathroom or in a closed closet.
  • even if it feels impossible – consider to have not too many beloved ones around you during this time. Enjoy this time with your very closest ones! Because the more people you have around the more twitchy you will be yourself. And always keep in mind: there will be at least one photographer and a stylist with and around you anyway!
  • The Getting Ready part gives wonderful possibilities to capture all the little details that make your wedding so individual: From the things you’re going to wear (the dress, suit, veil/headpiece, jewelry, your wedding bands, shoes…) to stationary (save-the-date, invitations, menu cards & co.) and to all the small personal things and the bouquet. It all is fresh and unused and can be photographed in the best way.
  • Speaking of ‚wearing’: Although it might feel very comfy you should not wear your Sunday-evening-couch-look and drink your champagne from a coffee cup. Allow yourself some grace, glamour and style – right away after getting up on this special day! Especially for brides this means: get yourself a gorgeous dressing gown or kimono and you will immediately feel so much more beautiful!
  • Right after getting dressed it’s the perfect time for some portrait shots because you look so gorgeous, no tears have run down your cheeks, everything is perfect in this very moment. So take a little more time for this into consideration.

In the next issue of The Wedding Cookbook I will tell you a little more about the so called ‚First Look‘ and why you should think about this!

I’m very curious if you liked that article and if this has helped you a little – so let me know in the comments below.

*Love, Kitty

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