Way to go! Thanks, 2016 – welcome 2017!

Keep on going! I think retrospectives are good and important – and this one will be mine!

2016 was absolutely fantastic. I learned. I took new paths. I found my inner balance and my personal peace.

I am and always have been the kind of human being who does not care too much about what others say or how others do their thing. I always put together my own picture of this world and I do remain to my own principles.

When I was a teenage girl I used to sit in an armour enforced my will and  overran everything that was in the way. Meanwhile (emotional) maturity has made me a little more placid and maybe a little more diplomatic 😉 …but not inconsistent.

But being selemployed as a creative taught me an important lesson this year: it’s not that easy to fool your own ego! For me personally it feels genuine to say or do what I think or how I feel.
But it became clear to me that it obviously does(!) matter to me what others think or say about my work…

Maybe this sounds absurd, but I think every human being is longing for attention and recognition. More than ever if you’re working in a creative area.

And then the decision is up to you: you could do the things like the majority is doing it, to keep up with the times. Or you could stay all by yourself, do the things like you would do it, set aside the supposed fast success but be honest and self reflected and maybe just a little different.

Especially social media networks were giving me tough lessons. To be seen, recognized or even to get any kind of feedback it’s crucial to follow certain rules. Certain timings for instance. Or when it comes to Instagram, it’s recommended to clean up your feed, use similar colors in your postings and so on.

And here come’s the tricky part: I am an impulsive person to the core. I do rely on my gut feeling whenever I can and (re)act in the very moment. If I would want to I could plan a lot of postings or blog articles upfront but it wouldn’t feel right or genuine for me. And by the way, my life isn’t an Instagram shot anyway.

It took me a while this year and I took the decision that this – my way – would be fine for me. I would be absolutely fine with it. I took the decision for me personally and for my salvation that I have to allow myself to break ranks and have my very own momentums. And therefor I accept that my community is growing slowly, that people don’t fall in love with me and my feed first sight, but second 😉

And because of such major and minor decisions I do get closer to what feels like a business goal. Actually I’m not sure what exactly that is – definitely no day or point on time. It’s more the path I’m taking with my photography, actually without knowing which crossroads would come and which turnoff to take. That is one of the bigger issues of my next year’s ToDo-List.

I’m so damn proud of MY 2016 – most of the people I worked with do now have a place in my heart. I experienced and witnessed so much love that I just be so deeply thankful to make a living out of that.

And I was honored to make people happy with what I love to do. It sounds really cheesy but getting the feedback from my lovely clients that with a look on the pictures I gifted them with they do feel happy – for me this feels like heaven. It is so absolutely satisfying that people feel warm and happy and reminded and gifted and loved just by looking on the pictures that comes directly from my heart!

For 2017 there are not too many things I wish for. Most and foremost I wish that my family would stay healthy. That seems so trivial but we often do not appreciate that enough and take it as for granted.

In business I will mir than ever rely on my gut feeling that I do and will do the things like it fits me and my personality. I’m so much looking forward to incredible weddings, to love and intimacy. I’m looking forward to accompany couples who trust me, who didn’t engage me because I’m just a provider of photos but because they like me and my way and share my values. I’m looking forward to couple who live their freedom to celebrate their wedding days their very own way.

For our society I would give my biggest wish if I could: I wish that all of us can overcome these diffuse fears: As Master Yoda used to say: Fear is the path to the dark side.

Today it is more important than ever to question all the offered opinions and meanings. It is never a good option to over-simplify. It is never a good idea to run behind certain people or ‘majorities’ because of fear. Look inside you, fathom your fears just before you take the wrong conclusions or project your personal problems onto others.

Get all the information before you judge. Use your common sense and have a heart of gold. What we now need in the world is a vision, clarity, courage and humanity. And no more anger or hate!

I think, you don’t have to wait for a new year to begin something new or rethink something. And in this spirit I would love to wish you a very reflective end of 2016, however or with whom you would spend that. Remember the things that really matters: Healthiness, family and friends. Breath in the very big and the tiny moments and get strong for new ideas and adventures, for new challenges and new mistakes, gather your power for the good but foremost the bad times coming! I wish you that you will be successful doing that and I’m looking forward together with you to a wonderful and exciting year 2017.

All my *love,
Kitty ♥

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