It was an adventure. Almost material for an independent road movie. This story has many facets. Funny, emotional and educational. I want to tell you today the part of the story that will help you get a little more zen about your wedding concept. The part in which it is about how an idea, a vision actually becomes reality.

        You know that. I know that. With the keyword ‘wedding’ images are instantly created in your head – the creepy pearls-in-red-roses-bouquet pictures and the beautiful ones, modern dream wedding pictures. Yeah, both of them look different for everyone of us. Same with me.

        More then a year ago I had vague idea about a wedding concept. Not because I wanted to get married again 😉 but because from time to time inspiration is knocking on the door and some individual pictures arise upon my inner eye (well, I use to call them ‘demons’). And it’s absolutely normal for creatives in the wedding industry to put their hearts and efforts jointly in creating something new and give birth to their visions and work on inspirational stuff.

        A vision

        As said, I had a rough idea: the theme should have been about the colors blue and grey with a touch of simple elegance. It should have been an elopement inspiration at the rough and most beautiful coast line of South England. In Cornwall. The ‘bride’ should have ginger hair and a very natural styling. And a blue wedding dress. That is all I had in mind at the very beginning. All I saw when I closed my eyes was combined in ginger hair blown by the wind with the sea in the background.

        I had put together a Pinterest board and an extract-of-that-moodboard made from nine little pictures that should transmit the very idea. Because when you want to get others into something you HAVE to visualize your idea, right!? Or explain it somehow. Best would be both.

        So I began to approach other wedding vendors in Germany and elsewhere, this moodboard in hand, asking them whether they get my idea, even like it and would love to work with me on that. No worry, I won’t bother you with the entire process… the awesome bottom line is that I was able to inspire old and new friends with this idea! Important to know for you is that everyone of them got more a less the idea description I gave you above.
        Me on the other side I wasn’t sure about how exactly all the puzzle pieces would finally fit together until this morning, when we woke up in Portreath in this incredible AirBnB room being hosted by this amazing family…

        The things I carried in my suitcase

        • a blue wedding dress by Therese & Luise – I met Bettina in her studio in Wasserburg a. Inn before to pick up the dress. She emailed my upfront dresses from her new collection that would have been available in different colors as well
        • an headpiece by Jannie Baltzer aus Kopenhagen
        • silk ribbons and fabrics by Seidenband (Tanja had gathered this variety of ribbons from what she had in store at that time and only with a rough idea what could best fit because we were quite late)
        • stationary and paper goods by NicnillasInk (Nicole immediately fell in love with the Cornwall elopement idea and based on my moldboards she started to create something so gorgeous)
        • jewelry by skusa schmuckgeschichten (the only parameter: it might could fit the styling…)
        • linen napkins by Zara Home
        • a can of golden paint

        …with me on my side the oh so talented and best roadtrip-buddy Zuzanna.

        In the morning of our photo shooting day we just started and took over the house of our charming hosts completely. We rearranged the alleyway to their backyard to make it a dining room. Dishes and cutlery we gathered from Richenda’s huge conglomeration. When finally Maz from The garden gate flower company brought the flowers suddenly everything connected with the other. Suddenly everything fitted and it felt like gear wheels of clock work. All of a sudden the design and look and feel was harmonious and perfectly completed by our couple Lili & Sam.

        Final findings

        Before finally showing you the images, let me explain the message of this little story a little more precise: When Zuzanna an I took of to Cornwall we didn’t have much more as single pieces in our suitcases, a rough guess how they would fit together and a lot of passion in our hearts. With the faith and will, a positive mindest and a lot of trust (i.e. in ourselves) in the end everything turned out like it had to be.

        I think it is important that you have this imagination of your wedding set up, wedding design and concept. And therefore it’s absolutely not necessary to pin the same exact bridal bouquet that you think you need. Or plan every detail to the very core. You should have a vision in mind and heart that represent your feelings. That represent what you want to express and maybe want to be (hopefully true to yourself).

        It’s not about you visualizing your wedding the same way others tied the knot!

        And: Trust. In the vendors you (will) book. The better you get them understand your vision the more individual and precise they can craft while incorporating their own creative ideas into your picture.

        Stay flexible and inadequate!

        And: Trust. Have faith that things will come as it should be. You can’t plan everything a 100%. There is no 100% perfect! So let things come and others go. Trust. Stay flexible and inadequate. Then, I’m pretty sure, this day will be one of your best and laid-back 😉 ones in your life!

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        And now finally see the pics of our beautiful vision that became reality – an elopement in Cornwall.

        Did you already find your individual wedding vision? Or do still copy what others did?
        You don’t know how or where to start?
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