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You might ask yourself, so here’s the
‘Why me!?’

I don't have CLIENTS

Hey, let's face it - I will be there, so close, see you in your underwear, witness your most intimate moments. So what's most important to me is that we have a true and trust-based connection. That we become friends. Not clients and vendors...

In love with the love

Sounds cheesy? It's the whole truth. My passion is to capture the love between people. Fully focussed, with my entire experience.

The long run

Since 2009 I join couples on their way down the aisle. I've witnessed their vows, seen their tears of joy, captured their hugs. And I still love it.

As cool as a cucumber

I'm a mother of two - be sure, there are not too many things that distract me. I can handle the unforeseen. Without getting nervous.

Now and forever

My purpose, my ultimate goal is the imagination of the two of you in 30 or 40 years from now showing your wedding day photos to your grandchildren and getting flashed back to the very moment. Feeling happy. And loved.

Timeless beauty

My photography, my style comes from the very deep of my soul. I don't ride trends but stay true, true to my own kind of beauty. How I feel it.

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