Where does the journey go…

The turn 2016/17 is kind of different. I am fully motivated, full of new ideas. And yet, in some way kind of exhausted. 2016 was great but there is such a big ‘ToDo’ in front of me…

In the last few days I felt a little bit like I was standing on the beach, a salty breeze on my skin, the wind in my hair – right where I want to be. And yet, there is a ship before me – fit to drive, fully equipped, the crew already on board, ready to leave.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by the many things that have to be done before dropping. Don’t know exactly what to start with. I am determined. I CAN MOVE this ship. However… I’m still here. Do I miss the map? Am I not knowing where to go to?

I see other ships sail. I know the path that they might take or think it at least I would know. But do I want to go in the same direction? No. But where would the wind takes me, if I would let him? And what would it mean if i just raise the sails and I’m going with it?

I think this is the toughest part about entrepreneurship. To be an entrepreneur.

Not a creative. Not a manager.

Entrepreneur! A Strategist. A Visionary.

To give yourself a direction. To know what your own art is about. What you’re supposed to represent. To know what it means to find your own voice. To recognize yourself in your own work. Even better: Being recognized by others.

This never-ending search for inspiration. To question everything, over and over again. Looking for answers and finding solutions.

As difficult as this part is, so exciting and encouraging it can be. For me personally I can say: I stand on this coast and I see my ship. 2017 will lead to even bigger adventures. Where exactly, it remains to be seen. I’m just doing my maps to revise 😉

Why don’t you wanna come with me!?? This is my first step, I just climb on board. I think it would be incredibly exciting and so much more fun when you are with me on this journey.

I want to share my experiences, my thoughts, my ideas and maybe some doubts with you. I think we can inspire each other and learn from each other!

Are you in!?

Welcome on board ♥

If you like, you’ll get regularly my letters into your inbox, full of little tips, my own experiences and thoughts. I really do appreciate your questions and suggestions and our exchange. I’m pretty sure this is going to enrich both of us!


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