It’s Friday folks and I would love to begin a new blog series to get to know each other better! What do you think? So here’s to Fridays and to personalize this anonymous internet a little…

        On a regular basis I get this magazine called Flow and it’s about mindful living and creatives around the world. I admit I love it. It calms me down and makes me look in other directions sometimes. And it makes me think about the things we usually forget in this day-to-day routine.

        And so I came across their ‘Breakfast-Questions’ and some of them caught me immediately, so I thought it would be a good starting point for getting closer to YOU, getting to know you better. And I customized it and turned that into… [drum roll please]

        Friday Questions

        So here is how it works – well pretty simple – I ask a question. I’ll answer it myself. And I would be freakin’ delighted if you would answer it yourself in the comments below!! Woooohoooo!!

        Let’s give it a try – here’s todays question

        Which talent would you like to have?

        When I first read this question I was asking myself what exactly ‘talent’ means. Because I’m sure you can learn pretty much anything. You can train yourself and practice and getting better.

        I think what makes the difference is if you have a special talent for something things will come easier to you. Getting better on it might take a little less effort than otherwise. I’m pretty sure without talent you could be as good as folks who have that special gift but you have to work harder to get get there. [btw. who sets the standard for ‘good’ and ‘better’ anyway… I mean it’s pretty much… subjective, isn’t it!?]

        So to get the point, I think I have a feeling for rhythm and music and it’s flow but I never tried to learn an instrument. What I really would love to be able to is to play a guitar. It’s unplugged sound simply catches me and for me guitar music brings people together at places. It’s always this near-fireplace-feeling, telling old and new stories, watching stars, dreaming. Having cosy and beloved moments.

        At least that is how it feels for me.

        So I have this on my bucket list and the day will come when I will give it a try and see how talented I might be at it 😀

        Now it’s your turn – let me know what talent you would like to have!! #socurious


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