Who needs photography?

Who needs photography!? I mean, really. I did think a lot about this recently.
Photography. It’s absolutely not essential to survival. You might agree on that.

It does not solve the big problems of mankind.

It’s a luxury good.
It’s kind of zeitgeist.
It’s communication.
It’s soulfood.

It’s the everlasting pursuit of humans to stand out from a 7 billion crowd.

It’s a proof. Of love. Of life. Of existence.

So, no. No one really needs photography to physically survive.

But here’s the BUT. No one really wants just to survive.
It’s about living. It’s about mental health. We want to be loved and we all want to love ourselves.
We want to be seen. Recognized. As the individuals who we are. With all our inner beauty and with all the scars. With our successes and failures. With our conviction and beliefs.

From the bottom of my heart I do believe that photography is able to give that.
It is able to give appreciation. Confidence. Respect. Self-love.

It is meant to create emotions. To tell stories. To show the soul of humans. Their way of living. Their hearts.

And that is why I am a photographer. To give this to people. Let them see their inner beauty by being me. By giving my heart into every picture.

Love* Kitty

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