…if you would ask me I would say: THAT IS A HUUUUGE LIE! When it comes to weddings you literally can get lost in bits and pieces. Not only for tables but for everything: guest favors, tissues, photo booths, bubbles & balloons… But what I think is really indispensable is flowers because it makes it all truly special and precious and festive!! Wouldn’t you agree!??

        Flowers all over the place

        Flowers can have a powerful message: The way they are presented can tell a lot about your way of living, about you as a couple, about the way you see the world. Your bridal bouquet as well as center pieces on your tables in your wedding venue can easily present or incorporate the central theme of your wedding day. And it can catch up with your favorite colors!

        Fading beauty

        It is. And that is the pity about flowers. It’s kind of symbolic for this day and this special time in your life. There will be the day, the weeks, the years after.
        But I think it should be this extra push for you to even more live in the very moment. To embrace the beauty of this day. To breathe in what you feel and see.

        In the end the flowers and bouquets that had been used could be a perfect guest favor for your closest ones: before they leave the party you can let each of your guest pic some flowers i.e. from your ceremony backdrop or candy table or whatever empty tables. If so they could keep this memory and beauty at least for one week more in their own homes.

        Venue: Gut Sonnenhausen – Concept & Florals: Julia H Flowers – Design & Styling: Doreen Winking Weddings – Dress: Hey Love – Hair&Make-up: Felicitas Brunner – Stationary: Momentini – Cake & Sweets: SweetDIVA Tortencouture – Ribbons: Seidenband – Model: Lisa

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