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Don’t think. Just feel.
And if it feels like home, then follow it’s path.



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    Your life. And the way you live it. It's your journey, your way, your faith.


You are fun-loving, ready for new adventures and you think outside the box without sticking to much to traditions – your wedding day will be set up the way YOU want it to.

You are independent, open-minded and curious about the world and it’s beauty. You are still madly in love no matter how long you’ve already been traveling this road together.

You aren’t looking for ANY photographer but for the perfect fit to capture this special day for you and keep emotions alive.

In 30 years from now you still want to flash back by looking at these pictures: back to the good stuff, back to the big moments, back to the not so obvious but oh so precious memories…

…and you will be happy.

This is you!? Let’s get in touch and have a chat!

Iam a Berlin City girl with my feet in Southern Germany and my heart in the world. I am deeply in love with coffee, toffee and hydrangea.

Only pretty pictures is not enough for me – I wanna tell stories and make love visible. Sounds cheesy? It’s the whole truth!
For that I skip the rules and trends and have my very own aesthetics in my pictures.

I truly fall in love with my couples, with their inner beauty and their stories if there is a true connection.

…and that’s the way I make them happy.


More about me…

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Lake Como

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First Look

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Nicola & Felix

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