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Nicola & Felix Loveshoot Berlin 46

Nicola & Felix


all me late, but I’m really not that kind running immediately after every new trend that pops around the corner: wehen Nicola & Felix welcomed me in Nicola’s appartement in Berlin I drank Chai Tea for the first time in my life. Self made. Super delicious.

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Getting Ready Wedding Photography

The Getting Ready

 I’m beyond thankful that wedding photography has changed to the better in the last 10 years. At our own wedding back than we’ve been more than glad just about finding a photographer who served us with digital files not only selling prints to us. We couldn’t even imagined that she would cover more of of our wedding day then just family and bridal portraits.

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Katharina & Bastian

Valentines Day is about to come! Puhh! If you would believe for me as a wedding photographer this must be holy bank holiday!? So wrong! Ask me and I would tell you that this day when men get a guilty conscience if they don’t come home with a bunch of overpriced and ugly tied red roses… not needed.

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Ideal client


What you will get to read in a second I did carry in my notebook since 10 months and for so much longer in my heart. I was thinking about publishing it, but not really… Until end of last year a very lovely heart asked me about it… And you know how the story goes – sometimes the bravest heart needs a little hint.
Everyone of us is trying to surround oneself with people who inspire, creating this comfortable feeling, give us wings in a way and make us being the best version of ourselves. This, somehow, is ‘Kate’ for me as a photographer.

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Flower crown - Blumenkranz

Garden wedding at Gut Sonnenhausen

Gut Sonnenhausen is one of the most popular wedding venues in the surroundings of Munich and that’s why I’ve always been curious as to how a wedding there probably would be like! In July last year I had the chance to accompany lovely Laura and Fabian there and I’ve experienced a wedding day, so full of love, that I had shed a tiny tear over their vows…

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